Monday, May 19, 2014


Thursday, June 7, 2012

i love golf

did 9 holes with dad, hit the ball okay, nothing great. what a lovely game and what a lovely evening. i even hit a 30 foot putt (b/s luck but still felt good). no birdies or par

Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Thursday of the year

Tonight me and Dad went out and did the back 9 at Scenic City and we were pleasantly surprised to be joined by Phil from work. the group from work did the front 9 and he joined us at 10. Phil can really hit the ball. dad whacked a few good ones too and i think had a real good time. i hit the ball pretty good but was pretty poor at the short game and ran out of gas down the stretch as i was tired and it was HOT! i got one par and played decent, but bad short game (like i said) can't wait for next week! Holes : 18
Birdies : 0
Pars : 1
Yard : blablabla

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Golfing with Grandpa Dale

First round of the season with Dale. We did 9 this afternoon at Whispering Hills in was in pretty good shape. I was quite happy with my play, I drove fairly well off the tee, i only 3 putted twice (which was still bad), my most used club was my pitching wedge which means that i did fairly well from far out. no touch was poor around the green but that's a recurring problem. lots to build on. weather was was light last night until about quarter to 9 so i think me and Dad may start my adventure of doing 9 holes on Thursday nights after the kids are down...and work is doing something on June 16th at Sauble so i think there will be more golf than last year. 2012 Totals
Holes : 9
Yards : 3085
Pars : 0 (0.0%)
Birdies : 0 (0.0%)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dad's gonna pound me

went to the driving range with my father today and (using the driver i bought him for xmas) he hit the hell out of the ball...i sucked as usual :) we're going to play every thursday this year (allegedly) after the kids go down at 6:45 it felt good :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Me and Dad did 9 at Scenic

me and dad went and did 9 holes at Scenic today. he got 3 birdies (which has got to be a modern day record for us). he hit the long ball good...two of the birdies were on par 5's...he's much better on long irons than i am, even using my own hybrid against me :) i played okay hit some good ones, hit some bad ones. driver was best club...putter was most inconsistent...need to get out more. oh well...maybe in september :)

2011 Totals
Holes : 45
Yards : 13987
Birdies : 0
Pars : 2

Monday, August 1, 2011

jeez i'm doing this late

Last Wesnesday me and Dale went to Walkerton to play on the bull tour. I hit the ball further and more consistently with the driver and long irons than i have ever putting, chipping and short game were TERRIBLE. on #8, a 200 yard par 3 over water, i cracked it with my 3 wood, was a little left, hit a tree and rolled onto the green for a LONG birdie putt...i turned it into a 6. very slow greens, or maybe i just underputted but everything was short. dale hit a LOT of trees...had a great time, can't wait to go out again. Dale had a spare cart so he gave it to Dad, so can't wait to get playing the K106 tour on Thursdays in August with him

2011 Totals
Holes : 36
Yards : (2xScenic) + 2798+2729
Birdies : 0
Pars : 2